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About us

Our founder Jimmy Hsia was the First Chinese made and manufactured Hot Air Balloon and succeed fly in Taiwan at 10/10/1979. Since then he has leading the company to design, create, produce and manufacture the following products.

  1. Hot Air Balloon.
  2. Radio Control Airship, Blimp (indoor and outdoor), UAV.
  3. Jumping Balloon.
  4. Roof-Top Advertising Balloon.
  5. PVC/TPU Helium Balloon.
  6. Walking Balloon.
  7. Air Dancer.
  8. Inflatable Bouncing, Slide, Maze, Water Pool…
  9. Transparent Rolling Ball, Banana Boat, Wheels, Roller.
  10. Emergency Water Bag.
  11. Inflatable Lamp Shade.
  12. Camouflage Army Tent, Environmental Isolation Tent, and Giant Air Plane Packing and Repair Tent.
  13. Inflatable Tube for Life-Saving, Block Oil Pollution at sea, Prevent Sandstorm.
We can quickly provide comprehensive product resource, insist on quality first, reasonable price, and on-time delivery.
Your encouragement, support, advice and comment will be the engine of our growth. Sincerely look forward to the opportunity to service for you.